Our products:
Rotary Heat Exchangers: State of the art technology from the market leader. Temper-
ature and humidity recovery as well as air drying. Efficiencies of up to 80%.
Klingenburg Humidifier: This is how humidifying is done today. The ultimate high performance humidifier. Unique with regards to cost, hygiene and energy consumption. News:
New product: GS 30-TOP
for improved energy efficiency
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Plate Heat Exchanger: Superior quality and the best price-performance ratio on the mar ket. For applications in climate control, pro cess and high temperature industry. Counterflow Plate Heat Exchanger:
Efficiencies of up to 90% in accomodation and A/C applications.
Robust aluminium quality.
Through the use of energy recovery we could reduce the CO2 emissions in Germany by 300 Million tons!
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